Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Day Fruit Flush Part 2: Done with Day One!!

A couple things I forgot to mention in Part 1 were the items you're not supposed to consume during the 3 Day Fruit Flush Detox. Here they are: NO caffeine, NO sugar/sweeteners, NO dairy, NO grains, NO canned foods. I think the no caffeine rule may be the hardest part for me! I actually cheated already (I know, I KNOW) and had one cup of black coffee this morning before my first shake. The Fruit Flush also recommends not working out during the diet, but we'll see whether I adhere to that rule. Depends on how I feel as we get groovin'.

So today's menu looks something like this:

10:30 am - protein shake #1
12:30 pm - protein shake #2
2:30 pm - protein shake #3
4:30 pm- protein shake #4
6:30 pm - raw spinach salad (cucumbers, carrots, bell pepper) with chicken, avocado, lemon+olive oil 

Day 1 Fruit Flush Review
10:45 am: starting to get pretty hungry since I've been up for a couple hours working on homework blogging, and I already cheated with my one cup of black coffee. I usually drink it with a splenda so I did give up something I'm not supposed to be having! I really like these Body by Vi shakes that I get from my friend, Amy, so I'm using them as my "protein" shake, even though they are more of a meal replacement. I usually blend the powder with milk and fruit, or milk/juice or even just milk, so mixing with water was quite a change for me. To be honest, I stuck the whole glass in the fridge for a few minutes to chill after I took the first sip because I knew I couldn't drink it at room temp. Then I added ice cubes. It was actually not bad. Anyhoo, first shake down and I'm back to  finishing a paper for my masters program. Better get crackin' because hub will be on his way home with the little guy in a couple hours and I want this shiz done so I can spend some time with my boys!

1:00 pm: Time to have another shake. I'm actually pretty darn hungry right now, mixing those Vi Shakes with water just ain't cuttin' it. But it's one day. I can DO THIS. I just made the shake with ice cubes this time, I was too hungry to stick it the fridge to chill. Now I'm off to down 2 huge glasses of water to see if that helps curb my appetite. I've consumed only 180 calories the whole day so far! :/ Looks like I probably won't be working out today. Thank goodness I have this paper I'm working on to keep me distracted. And I think I'm getting a headache. 

3:00 pm: Actually it was about 3:15 before I remembered it was time for a shake. I am hungry though, and Shake 3 is not nearly as exciting. I was pretty tempted to sneak just one teensy piece of fruit. But I didn't! I'm pretty amazed at my self-control. BTW, my belly never looks this flat in the afternoon, just sayin. 

5:00 pm: Hub and little guy are on their way home! So excited to see them. I may pass on this shake and go straight to dinner. I'm over the shakes. 

6:30 pm: Decided to get a workout in, that's what The Firm Express does to you! It's so fast, and so effective, you can't make up any excuses. Even I have 20 minutes. 

7:00 pm: OMG. I've never been so excited to eat a salad in my life. I was too lazy to grill a chicken breast so I just plopped some tuna on my spinach, carrots, red bells, cucumber, then spritzed some olive oil with my Misto. Add a drizzle of lemon, and viola! Delish. Seriously, though, I'm not even that hungry. Weird. 

Hey, I'm 1/3 of the way through this thing. I got this. 

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