Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 Day Fruit Flush Part 4: Wrap it Up!

So I'm done with the 3 day Fruit Flush Diet Detox. Wow, that's a mouthful. AND, I'm 3.6 lbs lighter!!! I don't really want to share my stats with the world, but whatev. I started at 145.6 and ended at 142.0 this morning. I'm so excited, this is the lightest I've been since I had baby boy a year ago. I still have about 5 or so lbs to go to be back to my pre-baby weight, but I'm ecstatic. I know most of it is water weight, but without giving you TMI, the cleanse really, umm, cleansed... if you know what I mean.  I see most of the difference in my stomach, it's much flatter today. In fact, I liked the cleanse so much that I'm continuing on with a modified version of the Standard Process 21-day Cleanse!! OMG. Three days ago I never would have considered such a thing. In fact, a friend of mine just finished it and is getting ready to start another round because she liked it so much. I will be reviewing the Standard Process in upcoming posts, so look out for those!

Anyhoo, yesterday wasn't so bad either except that I was HUNGRY STARVING all day. I did actually cave and decided to start my modified version of Standard Process a day early so that I could have the salmon and salad I ordered for lunch yesterday. (Hey, I never claimed to be perfect). But I stuck to fruit the rest of day, and had steamed veggies plus 3 oz of chicken for dinner. This MAY have affected my results a little, but I don't care. I was HUNGRY. However, I was commenting to hub how much energy I had. I was surprised because I didn't get that afternoon slump I usually get, nor the massive sweets craving. I met with a partner to talk shop and ended up having a decaf coffee with cinnamon so that may have helped the sweet tooth part, but my energy was pretty stable the whole day. Impressive. 

Check back soon for a breakdown of how I will be modifying the strict Standard Process cleanse for a 21-day diet clean-up! 

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